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Merciful Father, you have called us to live according to evangelical penance, following the example of Saint Francis of Assisi.

- Help us, through diligent reading of your Word, to go from Gospel to life and life to Gospel (cf. Rule. OFS, 4).



In Baptism, You united us to the death and resurrection of Christ and You made us living members of the Church.

- Help us to be witnesses of the Risen One and instruments of the Church's Mission among men, announcing Christ with our Lives and with the Word (cf. Rule. OFS, 6).



You call us to conform ourselves to Christ through the profession of evangelical life as "brothers and sisters of penance."

- Help us, through the journey of daily conversion, overcome our human frailties without letting us lose faith (cf. Rule. OFS, 7).



You, who in Jesus, have taught us to want to worship in the Spirit and in truth throughout our lives,

- Help us to make prayer and contemplation the center of our being and our work (cf. Rule. OFS, 8).



You, who at the Eucharistic banquet have given us the body and blood of your son Jesus Christ to feed us in our journey,

- Help each of us and our fraternities find in the celebration of the Holy Mass the source and the culmination of all life (cf. Const. OFS, 14.2).



You, who never tires of calling us to conversion,

- Help us to always follow the poor and crucified Christ, witnessing the Father's love, a source of joyful reconciliation, even when dealing with difficulties and persecutions (cf. Rule. OFS, 10).



You who in the Virgin Mary, who accepted your Word and your will, gave us at the cross a Mother and an Advocate

- Help us, in imitating his unconditional availability, to offer You a burning and indescribable love as St. Francis did (cf. Rule OFS, 9).




Our Father, you have always called us to holiness in communion with the Church.

- With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, help us to become engaged, through our Profession, to live the Gospel by observing the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order approved by the Church (cf. Const. OFS, 1.1).



You, Lord, have given us the Word of eternal life in the First Covenant and in Jesus Christ our Savior

- In the spirit of the Beatitudes, help us to free our hearts from every tendency of greediness, possession and domination (cf. Rule OFS, 11).



You, Lord, have always called us to the path of evangelical penance as you did with Elizabeth of Hungary, our patron

- Arouse new Franciscan vocations through the action of the Holy Spirit and the testimony of the brothers and sisters (cf. Const. OFS, 45.1).



Lord of creation, You established Matrimony as a foundation of the human community and have raised it up as a sacramental sign

- Help couples find a valid help in the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order for their journey of Christian life (cf. Rule OFS, 24).



Holy Father, You call us to build a just and fraternal world and a civilization where the dignity of the person is the foundation

- Help us, by following the example of St. Louis of France, our patron, to assume social and civil responsibilities in the spirit of service (cf. Const. OFS, 18.1; 20. 2).



You call some to live with private vows to help the spiritual and apostolic development of our Order,

- Help these brothers and sisters commit themselves to living the spirit of the Beatitudes and to become more available to contemplation and to service to the Fraternity (cf. Const. OFS, 36, 1).



Father, on Pentecost, You gave the Holy Spirit to the Church enriching it with a variety of charisms,

- Help those whom You called to ordained ministry to live their vocation better by finding help in the life of Francis of Assisi and in the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order (cf. Const. OFS, 35).


Rome 10/28/2014                                                                                Deac. Francesco Mattiocco, OFS

Assisi 11/17/2015                                                                                 Revision by CAS