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was born in the year 1226 at Saludecio, to Felice, of the house of Ronconi, and his wife Santa. Orphaned at a young age, he spent his early years with his brother’s family.


From his youth Amato determined to live an evangelical life in the true  Franciscan spirit. He frequently visited a small religious community founded by Saint Francis on Mount Formosino, between Castello di Montegridolfo and Mondaino. Francis of Assisi became his inspiration for a life of penance and charity. To follow Francis more closely, he chose to enroll in the Franciscan Third Order. He lived with his sister Chiara in the house of Monte Orciaro which his older brother Girolamo had granted them as part of his paternal inheritance. Amato’s home, located along the road which led from Rimini, passing through Urbino, and then on to Rome, became a hospice for the many pilgrims who sought hospitality.

Amato received them and provided them refreshment. He worked in the fields, which furnished him with the means necessary to support the hospice and assist the poor. Today too, this institution, now a home for the elderly, carries on Brother Amato’s spirit of practical charity towards the poor and pilgrims. Amato also undertook long pilgrimages; he journeyed to Rome and on four occasions to Santiago de Campostela.

On 10 January 1292 Brother Amato divested himself of all his possessions and gave all his goods to the monks of Saint Benedict, so that they could continue his work. He died in his cell on 8 May 1292. He was beatified by Pius VI on 17 March 1776.