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According to motto: „Live in a manner worthy of the call you have received“ important place at the Congress took themes on family life, interreligious dialogue and care about all created.

In the lecture about family, general vice - minister Chelito Nunez reminded all participants to conclusions of OFS General chapter which was held in 2014 where it is written that members of OFS should promote family life and how fraternities should be place of support and common prayer in crises. She also said that healthy and opened communication but also the prayer are keyes of happy family. This is also what two families confirmed when testified and shared with all the participants their life experience in marriage and in raising children in faith.

On Thursday, 20th of August, participants have visited Sarajevo and after Holy Mass celebrated by bishop mons. Marko Semren in Franciscan church of saint Anthony in Bistrik, they visited orthodox church and mosque. In this places of prayer they had opportunity to hear more about history of religions in these areas but also about ways of practising the religion, prayer and some laws of islam and orthodox religion.

Today's lectures were connected with issues about the care of all created through the topics of poverty, paliative care and ecology. These topics were introduced by Miroslav Valenta from Caritas of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Anđelka Oreč, national president of YouFra in Bosnia and Herzegovina; and Marija Puljić member of YouFra and OFS from Sarajevo.

These topics will be base for the last day of Congress where the participants will introduce some examples of good practice from their countries in order to exchange some experiences and to encourage one anothers to work in similar way.

Here are some photos of these days: