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Many of those who participated in the OFS Genearl Chapter last November signed the petition orgagnized by the fraternity in Cannara, which was participating in the FAI (acronym for the Italian Fund for the Environment) in the defense of the “places of the heart”, a competition that each year recognizes the place whose supporters gathered the most signatures, in which they presented a project for an open-air sanctuary at Piandarca which is, according to tradition, where Francis preached to the birds and the birthplace of the OFS.

The fraternity members wrote to us that they were placed very high in the FAI competition, considering that Cannara is a community of only 4,300 inhabitants. The Piandarca project gathered 23,000 signatures, reaching 10th place in Italy. Only the three highest will receive a reward, but in March FAI will issue a proclamation for the municipalities that reached a certain number of signatures, and 15 of these places will be chosen receive some help. Cannara and the Piandarca Project should be included in this second list.
The official list will be announced during a press conference in Milan the second half of February. In the interim the municipal government of Cannara was made aware of a result that we feel is most interesting: on 14 January last, in the headquarters of the OFS fraternity in Cannara a Protocol of Understanding was signed by the Municipality of Cannara, the Municipality of Assisi, the Bishop of the Diocese, the Secular Franciscan Order of Umbria (the parish priest of Cannara, Don Francesco Fongo is very happy about this) which commits the signers to:
- create together a plan for the care, conservation and improvement of the site at Piandarca;
- publicize awareness of it to the various interested socio-economic groups;
 - offer support of an organizational, study and communication nature to spread awareness of the site of Piandarca;
 - present joint financing requests to public or private subjects...