Secular Franciscan Order

Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis

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CapitularsGB.jpg - 305.79 kbCapitulars in Great Britain, September 26th -27th


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National Council of OFS-Great Britain with Tibor Kauser, (OFS General Minister – extreme right), and Br. Francis Dor OFMCap., General Spiritual Assistant. Paula Pearce (5th from R to L) was reelected national minister and international Councilor for a second mandate.

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(Fraternal Joke) Br John Cavanagh OFMCap receives an award from Br. Patrick Lonsdale OFM for his prayerful silence all through the chapter.

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Meeting the Spiritual Assistants of OFS- Great Britain: (L to R; Patrick Lonsdale OFM, Jesmond Pawley OFMConv., and John Cavanagh OFMCap).