Secular Franciscan Order

Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis

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To emphasize communion with the Pope, we offer the Holy Father’s monthly intention and an OFS intention, based on the life and major events of the Order. The local fraternities will pray for both. 



Universal: For young people, that they may know how to respond generously to their vocation, seriously considering the possibility of consecrating themselves to God in the priesthood or in consecrated life.

OFS: For the National Fraternity of Venezuela, the Philippines and for the fifth Asia-Oceania Congress.

Our Father...


For evangelization: For Christians in Africa that they may give a prophetic witness of reconciliation, justice and peace in imitation of the merciful Jesus.

OFS: For the National Fraternities of Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Father…


Universal: For the leaders of nations to commit themselves to put an end to the arms trade, which leads to so many innocent victims.

OFS: For the National Fraternities of Italy, Malaysia-Singapore and the Netherlands, and for the Project Africa Formation Workshop in Abidjan-Ivory Coast.

Our Father…


For evangelization: For our brothers and sisters who have strayed from the faith, that through our prayers and witness of the Gospel, they can rediscover the closeness of the merciful Lord, and the beauty of Christian life.

OFS: For the National Fraternities of Capo Verde, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Bolivia and Pakistan.

Our Father…


Universal: For the artists of our time, may they, through the works of their genius, help everyone discover the beauty of creation.

OFS: For the Project Africa Formation Workshop in Yaoundé-Cameroon, the National Fraternities of Egypt, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Denmark, Chile and Ireland.

Our Father…


For evangelization: For our parishes, let them be animated by a missionary spirit, and become places where faith is shared and where they are witnesses of charity.

OFS: For the National Fraternities of Peru, Lithuania and Spain.

Our Father…


Universal: For those in the labor market, may they all be assured of respect and protection of their rights and may the unemployed be given the opportunity to contribute to the building of the common good.

OFS: For the National Fraternities of Belarus and Thailand.

Our Father…


For evangelization: For Christians in Asia, as they bear witness to the Gospel in word and deed, let it be conducive to dialogue, peace and mutual understanding, especially with those who belong to other religions.

OFS: For the CIOFS Presidency, the General Intermediate Chapter, our departed brothers and sisters, and the Malawi National Fraternity.

Our Father…


Universal: For the elderly, may they be sustained by families and Christian communities, and may they work together in wisdom and experience to transmit the faith and to educate the new generations.

Our Father…