Secular Franciscan Order

Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis

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“As you sent me into the world, so I sent them into the world.” (Jn 17:18)

Heavenly Father,

light in us that fire that drove St. Francis of Assisi to proclaim the Gospel to all, so that we can witness your love by our life and words, through our entire life, so that we may want to live in a poor and humble manner, according to the example of our Seraphic father St. Francis.


We confess

that we have often failed to hear your message, to listen to your Gospel mandate, to be brothers and sisters of penance, to be spouses, fathers and mothers of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We bring to you

our sins and our shortcomings that have hidden your treasure.

We have failed by not using our talents for the good of your people. We so often refused to be the salt of the Earth and the light of the World.

Let us be your good disciples,

so that we may produce fruits worthy of penance, and that we may build a more fraternal and evangelical world.

Lord Jesus Christ,

as the Father has sent you, so you have sent us to the world.

Lord Jesus Christ,

let us be like stars in the night sky, many of us, looking similar, yet being different, shining your light to everyone, regardless of good or bad, regardless of rich or poor, regardless of black or white, so that they can see you when there is darkness, and they may find their way to you.

Lord Jesus Christ,

let us be like the windows of the cathedral, showing your image and light, being colorful and transparent, proclaiming your glory and beauty, while remaining your simple instruments.

Holy Spirit,

open our hearts, our eyes and our ears, so that we may be filled with the love and with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we celebrate this General Chapter in a fraternal spirit, always seeking what is common to us, and rejoicing over your great gift to us, over our treasure, that is, our Secular Franciscan vocation.