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Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis

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On March 3, 2018 at the Hotellerie Franciscaine in Saint Maurice, an OFS Chapter was held for the election of the Regional Council in Switzerland. Present were Attilio Galimberti, OFS, the Minister General’s the delegate and CAS member Fr. Alfred Parambakathu, OFM Conv.

The Chapter marked a "historical” milestone. It is the result of the journey of those members, inserted in the Mouvement Franciscain Laïc, who had made OFS profession. They are beginning the process that will lead to the establishment of the Swiss National OFS.

During the assembly, the CIOFS delegates, in full agreement with the Capitulars, decided not to have an election, but rather, appointed the members of the Council. It will be the Council’s responsibility to activate fraternities and, then, in one or two years, celebrate an Elective Chapter.

The assembly then reaffirmed the necessity for collaboration with the Mouvement Franciscain Laïc thanks to which the OFS vocation has matured. The members of the Council are:

Minister: Gerard Corpateux

Vice-Minister: Edith Rohwedder

Treasurer: André Besson

Secretary: Geneviève Corpateux

Formator: Brigitte Gobbi

Assistant: Fr. Pierre