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The closing of the Fraternal and Pastoral Visits to the OFS National Fraternity of Denmark was carried out by Tibor Kauser – delegate of the OFS General Minister, Encarnacion del Pozo – and Fr. Amando Trujillo Cano, TOR, representing the Conference of General Spiritual Assistants, on September 24-25. The activities began with an afternoon meeting with the fraternity of Aarhus at St. Mary’s Church. The visitors reviewed how the recommendations of the first part of the VFP (2010) have been implemented and made several observations in this regard. After the meeting, all participated at the evening parish Mass. On the next day Tibor and Fr. Amando traveled to Copenhagen to hold an afternoon meeting with the La Verna Fraternity at the Blessed Sacrament Church. Members of the fraternity talked about diverse aspects of their life and mission including: formation, prayer, social services, parish and Franciscan liturgies, etc. It is worth noting that they are involved in diverse social projects and that a few new members have recently joined. The visitors also made some observations and provisional recommendations. After the meeting, all participated at the parish Eucharistic adoration hour as it is customary for this OFS fraternity. The visitors were also able to hold several conversations with the members of the National Council during the activities.