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During an interview on Italian television one of the leaders of the Philippine community in Italy, commenting on the tragedy that has struck his country, recalled how important it is to respond immediately with concrete aid to the dramatic situation that it is undergoing today, but also about how indispensable that, once the wave of emotions generated by the news media and television crews, the country must not be forgotten, and the aid should continue even when the emergency is over and the country has to face the difficult task of re building.


The National Fraternity of India has celebrated its National Elective Chapter on 18-20 October, 2013 in Muvattupuzha, Kerala.
The new national minister is Francis Albert.

On October 9th, in response to numerous appeals to the Holy See by Bishops and Ministers General of the Franciscan Family, Pope Francis declared Blessed Angela de Foligno of Italy a saint.
Born in Umbria in 1248, the mystical writer, after experiencing a stunning conversion, wrote of her experiences and visions, recorded in her Book of Visions and Instructions. This is a canonization that is equal in force and significance. It was Pope Francis’ desire to declare her a saint on October 9th, without the necessity of having a public ceremony for her canonization. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints released this announcement on Friday, October 11th.  The Holy Father after having received in audience Cardinal Angelo Amato S.D.B., prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, extended the liturgical cult of Blessed Angela of Foligno of the Secular Franciscan Order, born in Foligno (Italy) in 1248 and dying in the same place in 1309, to the universal Church, inscribing her in the catalogue of saints.

The National Fraternity of Mexico has celebrated its National Elective Chapter on 21-22 September.
The new national minister and international councillor is Martha Estela Ávila García.


The National Fraternity of Poland has celebrated his National Elective Chapter on 22 September.
The re-elected national minister is Joanna Berlowska and Maria Teodorowocz has been re-elected as international councillor.