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Press Release

The International Fraternity of the OFS today voted to have permanent offices for formation, communication and JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) with the aim of improving the functioning of these areas and decentralizing the management of the CIOFS Presidency.

In the first case, the intention is to better coordinate the work carried out at the international level in regard to both initial and on-going formation, with the ultimate goal of deepening the sense of identity and belonging to the OFS.

Regarding JPIC, a secretariat will be established to coordinate activities and to collaborate with other organizations in the Franciscan Family with similar areas of interest.

Finally, a communications office will be established to bring the life of the international fraternity closer to the brothers and sisters scattered around the world.

The above are measures approved by the General Chapter to improve the management of the Secular Franciscan Order in its entirety. In addition, the Chapter approved the creation of an international register of local fraternities; that national fraternities establish national registers of Secular Franciscans; the establishment of a group of experts; collaboration with the Franciscan Family and the development of a financial strategy.

However, the most emotional moments of the day were when presentations were made on causes of beatification and canonization of two Secular Franciscans who gave their lives as martyrs for their faith: Lucien Botovasoa, a teacher from Madagascar, and Franz Jägerstätter , an Austrian farmer.

Immediately following, a report was given on the beginning process of the causes for the beatification of Augusto Natali (Italy), one of the precursors of the international fraternity, and for General Ministers Manuela Mattioli (Venezuela) and Emanuela de Nunzio ( Italy), whose death was six years ago today.  

Rome, November 10, 2017

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