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The 1st European Congress of the Secular Franciscan Order and Franciscan Youth (OFS-YouFra) will be held from July 9th to 15th, 2012, in Lisieux, France. Although YouFra has the experience of 5 European YouFra Congresses (the last one held in Lithuania in 2009), this is the first time that brothers and sisters from both OFS and YouFra national fraternities from all over Europe will meet together.

As written in the Convocation Letter this Congress will offer the opportunity of coming to know each other and of understanding the different realities of the OFS and the YouFra which exist within the various countries in Europe. We will dedicate a significant portion of our time to exchanging knowledge, and to reflecting on our secular and Franciscan identity as it is lived in the different countries of Europe so we could respond together to the challenges that face our old continent. During the Congress, some sessions will be conducted jointly with the OFS and YouFra while others will be separate sessions for the OFS and YouFra.

Why Lisieux? The Franciscan Youth of Europe hope to draw from the evangelical dynamism of Theresa of the Child Jesus, the little flower and co-patroness of missions, and discover the similarities between the doctrine of the youngest Doctor of the Church and the teachings of the little poor man of Assisi. Zélie Martin, the mother of St. Theresa, was also a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. The liturgical memorial day of Louis and Zélie Martin is celebrated on the date of their Wedding Anniversary, July 12th. Lisieux therefore appeared to be a special place for this common project, to reveal the grace of belonging to the SFO and YouFra, and to arouse a new missionary zeal in all of us.

Together with the Working Commission for preparing the Congress, we invite to pray for the fruits of this 1st European OFS-YouFra Congress!


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