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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the CIOFS Presidency and of the CFF (Conference of the Franciscan Family), we are posting on our web page the letter of thanks received from the President of Franciscans International and

Vice-Minister General of the Order, Doug Clorey, thanking the Franciscan Family for the cooperation received in support of the survival of Franciscans International.

In this letter, Doug explains the process undertaken to reduce expenses to those that are strictly necessary for the work of this organization, which represents the whole Franciscan Family.

So we encourage you to continue providing your support during this delicate situation.

Thanking you and wishing all of you a special 2013, full of opportunities to live out our vocation with joy, even through the difficulties that we encounter in the world.

Encarnacion del Pozo
Minister General OFS

Letter to Franciscan Family (PDF)