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Twinning or sponsorship of Haitian children


1.       Project Description

The twinning or sponsorship of Haitian children project consists of contributing with funds ($ 300 / child) for a year, to support (2) young Haitian ($600) in their academic development.

2.    A little history

Mrs. Jacqueline Lessard is the initiator of an orphanage project of Haitian children. She also raises funds for the project. She is an active member of the SFO Fraternity of St Georges de Jonquière (QC), Canada, and works in this field since 1994. She is 86.

3.       Project Coordination

The project to support the Haitian orphans is coordinated by the local fraternity of St. George de Jonquière (QC), Canada. Mrs. Claire Pimparé, of OXFAM, is linked to this project (2 months).

4.       Impact on society

It is to come.

5.         What we learned

When asking people for good causes they respond positively.

6.       Contact:

Madame Germaine Villeneuve Maltese

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (418) 542-4611