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OFS Active Presence in the World Survey
OFS National Fraternity of Canada
Implementation of Regional JPIC Action Plan


1.    Description of Project

The implementation of Regional JPIC Action Plan at the local fraternity level is a project conceived as continuing formation leading to simple actions individually and fraternally.


2.    Historical Background

OLOTA (Our Lady of the Angels) Region JPIC Action Plan 2008 was discussed by the fraternity and it decided to become aware of, and take some action, on:

1.    Poverty and world trade
2.    Resources – Water and Mining
3.    Human Trafficking

We signed Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace (D&P) cards to the Prime Minister and/or MPs on the following issues:

  • 2008 mining - corporate responsibility
  • 2009 human trafficking
  • 2010 hunger, agriculture and food sovereignty (food before fuel)
  • 2010 (privatized) bottled water
  • 2011 Indonesia - Recovery in Aceh after the tsunami (Visit by Bishop Situmorang, OFMCap, from Padang to promote work of D&P)

Previously we had looked at world trade and poverty and we now use only Fair Trade coffee, tea and sugar for our meetings.
We also had a presentation on Caritas in Veritate in 2009.

3.    Project Coordination

This project is coordinated by the JPIC Councillor of St Francis local Fraternity, Vancouver, BC (Our Lady of the Angels Region).

4.    Impact on Society

  • Raised government awareness of voter concern about corporate social responsibility in mining and opposition to privatization of water and use of plastic bottled water and support for global south small scale agriculture.
  • Use of Fair Trade reduces poverty.Change in Canadian criminal law for convicted human traffickers
  • Unknown amount of money raised for D&P programmes in global south (human rights, empowerment of women, etc).

5.    What we have learned

  • Aspects of Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Why JPIC is important.
  • To see, judge and act.
  • To have a presence in the world and to try to make a difference by living the OFS Rule, Art. 15, 16 and 19.

6.    Media support/ Documentation available

Articles in The B.C. Catholic:

7.    Contact person

Andrew Conradi, OFS
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +1 604-522-8417