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Canadian Food for Children


1. Description of Project

The Canadian Food for Children consists of loading 20 and 40 ft. containers with food, medicine, clothes and other household items twice a year. Along with the shipping of the above, the fraternity does two food drives and fundraisers to support the project. We also have support for the charity (CFFC) from the CWL (The Catholic Women’s League of Canada) National Chapter. One of our fraternity’s members presented a petition to the National Convention which was approved. These containers go to developing countries worldwide.

2. Background History

Some of our members support Canadian Food as volunteers and were able to get Dr. Simone’s permission to do this ongoing project. The Fraternity’s members have embraced this project and made it a success.

3. Project Coordination

This project is coordinated by St Anthony of Padua local Fraternity, Brampton, Ontario (ON), which belongs to the Trillium Regional Fraternity.

4. Impact on Society

We teach our children and families the importance of helping others and saving the lives of starving children. On a wider basis, the donors to the charity also get feedback of the good they have done. Individually we see the children (through pictures we request as feedback from the missions) who receive the food grow up to be healthy and happy people.

5. What we have learned

We have learned to share…

Contact person:       Jim Reid, OFS

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Telephone:                  905-459-9019