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OFS National Fraternity of Hungary

Franciscan Missionary Foundation for Lower Carpathian Region

Foundation for Religious Practices in Lower Carpathian Region


1. Project Description

The creation of these projects was driven by the desire to preserve the spiritual unity of the Hungarian nation by supporting the aspiration of the Hungarian immigrant communities to maintain their Hungarian identity and religious practices abroad and by helping the disadvantaged and the poor among them.

2. Background History

To safeguard the intellectual and spiritual unity of Hungary, torn apart in the storms of the last century, more than 20 years ago Franciscan friars from Hungary were allowed to move into the lower Carpathian region, which is part of today’s Ukraine. The first and current bishop of the ‘Munkács’ diocese is one of these early friars.

In its capacity as the project’s founder, the OFS of Hungary collects donations and transfers them, through the above mentioned foundations, to be redistributed by the local Caritas organization to people in need. The foundations support the preparation and training of brothers and sisters who are involved in Caritas and religious education locally; they also promote the preservation of their spiritual well-being and the exchange of experiences.

3. Project Coordination

The work of the Franciscan Missionary Foundation and the Foundation for Religious Practices in lower Carpathian region is coordinated by the OFS National Council of Hungary.

4. Impact on Society

As a result of these projects there has been a material, intellectual and spiritual inter-connection between those who have committed themselves to help and those who have been assisted. Donors have access to information on how their donations are used.

5. What we have learned

We are enriched by this kind of efforts and contributions, which give us true joy and bring us closer to God. It also became necessary to conduct screening of inappropriate donations and unrealistic needs.

6. Documentation available


7. Contact person: Agnes Ury

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Telephone: 00 36 / 20 95 28 856