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On February 5, 2016, an earthquake of magnitude 6,4 hit the Taiwan Southern area. Its epicenter has been localized south-east of the town of Tainan, a town with two millions of inhabitants.

Theresa Chuang Peng Piao Ping that many of you know since she was a capitular member at last General Chapter and to whom we wrote to give her our support and prayer so answered to Tibor, our Minister General:

Dear Tibor, I thank you so much because you are so concerned about the earth quake that hit us. The news, updated to the 8th of February, report 36 casualties, 120 people still missing and 500 injured but this balance is still provisional since search parties are still working.

In that area there are no OFS fraternities, so none of the members of OFS has been hit by the earthquake.
In this period here we are celebrating the Chines New Year but this year it is a very sad celebration. We ask you to pray for us.

We join Theresa’s request and invite all OFS members worldwide to be close to the brothers and sisters of Taiwan with the love and the prayer.