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Active Presence of the OFS in the world – Survey 2011

Venezuela OFS National Fraternity

 Fraternity name:   San Francisco de Maiquetía


1.     Project:   Franciscan children soup kitchens

2.     Description

These soup kitchens were organized to respond to the extreme poverty suffered by some communities within the Vargas State lacking.  both material and spiritual assistance.  OFS brothers and sisters cook food which is then taken at a time to the various communities where children are served with the help of families from the same community.


Historical background

The first soup kitchen was found in the year 1983, named St. Anthony, in the Quenepe slum in the area of Maiquetia, Vargas State attending  80 children.  In the year 1986 the St. Francis of Assisi another was found to attend around 120 children from the Mare Abajo slum, in Catia La Mar, Vargas State  Also in the same year 1986 the St. Elizabeth of Hungary soup kitchen was found to serve a population of 60 children from the St. Eduvigis in Catia La Mar, Vargas State.

3.     Project Coordinatión

The Project is under the responsibility of the local fraternity of St. Francis in the Maiquetia area, receiving financial support from some other SFO fraternities and individual brothers and sisters as well.

Impact on Society

These soup kitchens have helped to avoid a massive children malnutrition on those sectors where they are present.  It’s good to mention that some of the children who have benefit from these eaters are professionals nowadays. The project has even served as a motivation for priests and parish communities around the area,  to found some other soup kitchens inspired by  the Franciscan spirituality and assessed by the OFS Fraternity.  Soup kitchens have become active evangelization cells in the environments in which they are located. These cells have promoted evangelic values as well as the sacramental practice during their 28 years of service, with an approximate 2.500 baptisms, 2000 first communions and 2000 confirmations, plus 80 home blessings.

4.     What we have learned

We have learned to recognize Jesus in our brothers and sisters, particularly in children, from whom we have learned to love and help, satisfying an important need as it is the food they need, while an evangelization service is done in their communities based on Franciscan charisma.


Francisco Blequett This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +58 414-3124607

Clara Ostos Aguilar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +58 212-3522348, +58 414-1129399