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National Fraternity of Venezuela

San Jose Obrero (St. Joseph the Worker) Local Fraternity



1.      Description of the Project

The Good Samaritan Civic Association is a nonprofit charitable association, legally recognized and registered, which offers free care to male alcohol dependents and indigents from the Guanare Municipality, in the State of Portuguesa and surrounding villages. This center provides these people with food, shelter, outpatient medical care, and other necessities for recovery, including spiritual assistance.

This social service is supported through monthly financial contributions of generous people, since it does not receive financial support from the government.

In order to carry out the work at the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and that of maintenance, the institution has hired three paid employees and voluntary internal director.


2.       Historical Background

This institution was founded on May 20, 1991 by the Friars minor Conventual of San Jose Obrero Parish, as an expression of this Christian community’s genuine love that recognizes Jesus Christ in each abandoned and needy person. Their source of inspiration is the Gospel’s teaching: "Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me." (Mt 25: 40).

Before the center was established, food was handed out to alcoholic persons begging at the parish. Then, as their number grew, the friars’ community decided to buy a piece of land and a small house to accommodate the walk-ins.  Members of the Secular Franciscan Order would cook for them in the convent and carry the food to this house. Currently, this project is hosted in comfortable facilities which include a dorm with 25 beds, bathrooms and fans; a second building with a living room, bathrooms, a doctor’s office, a multipurpose hall and an office. Another unit includes a dining room and kitchen, and there are two more shelters, another multipurpose hall for special activities, and a chapel to celebrate the Eucharist.         

3.       Project Coordination

This institution is under the responsibility of the local OFS fraternity or San José Obrero (Guanare, State of Portuguesa) and is coordinated by a Board of Directors composed by members of the same fraternity and a spiritual Assistant.

4.       Impact on Society

This institution, a one-of-a-kind social service in the municipality, attends not only to people from this community, but also from other neighboring villages who come in search of a home where they can feel welcome and stay.

Our motto: “Go and do likewise

2” (Lk 10:37).

5.       What we have learned

The service provided to these socially marginalized brothers has help us to understand that charity is the most beautiful virtue that Secular Franciscans can exercise, with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have also learned that these brothers have a human dignity, in as much children of God, which we have helped them to regain, making them realize that they are much appreciated.

6.       Contact Persons


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Tel. 0257/2530467

Cel. 0416/2558881


JOSE AVILIO MEJIAS              

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Cel. 0416/4504104


Edited and translated by Fr. Amando Trujillo Cano TOR - October 2013