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Survey on the OFS Active Presence in the World

OFS National Fraternity of Mexico



1. Description of the project

This Project consists of visiting the Tarahumara Colony at the foot of the Mount Bola three times a year: at Christmas, taking food for the kids and their mothers, toys, piñatas and candies; on Children’s Day, taking again food and candies; and at the beginning of the school year to provide some school supplies. Other times eggs are sent to this colony to contribute to the breakfast offered by them to the school kids.

2. Historical Background

In 2008 the Franciscan brothers Fr. Jesús Vargas and Fr. Antonio Segoviano made an invitation to the local OFS Fraternity to organize a “posada” (typical Mexican Christmas novena) in the colony, and after our first experience, we decided to continue this Project which we have accomplished until now, according to our means.

3. Coordination of the Project

The Project is coordinated by the Saint Clare of Assisi Fraternity, from the Saint Lawrence Sanctuary, in the City of Juarez.

4. Social Impact

The children are happy.

5. What we have learned

We discovered simplicity, learned from seeing the other side of our city, finding out that, until now, we have done very little or nothing at all.

6. Contact Person: Hna. Luz Ma. del Socorro Ortiz

Tel.: + 52 (656) 380-82-39


Edited by Attilio Galimberti OFS and Fr. Amando Trujillo Cano TOR

February 2013