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Survey on the Active presence of the OFS in the World

National Fraternity of Venezuela

San Jose Obrero (St. Joseph the Worker) Local Fraternity



1.      Description of the Project

The Good Samaritan Civic Association is a nonprofit charitable association, legally recognized and registered, which offers free care to male alcohol dependents and indigents from the Guanare Municipality, in the State of Portuguesa and surrounding villages. This center provides these people with food, shelter, outpatient medical care, and other necessities for recovery, including spiritual assistance.

This social service is supported through monthly financial contributions of generous people, since it does not receive financial support from the government.

In order to carry out the work at the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and that of maintenance, the institution has hired three paid employees and voluntary internal director.

Survey on the Active Presence of the OFS in the World

National Fraternity of Italy


1. Description of the Project

The Project Qiqajon is a concrete expression of commitment to Christian witnessing within the Secular Franciscan Order. It consists of a residential community of families that responds to the need and desire to be a resource to cope with situations of suffering of children. It is a point of reference for a broad network of families and individuals who are committed to deepen the values ​​of acceptance and sharing.

Resident families and those who give life to the project (staff and volunteers) are active members of the social network that is defined and completed through the encounter with the other. The family environment that is conformed so is aimed at human and professional growth based on values ​​such as trustreciprocityhospitality and solidarity.

The following are the Christian values ​​that are at the basis of the project Qiqajon: listening, sobriety, hospitality, solidarity, humility, kindness, simplicity and perfect joy. Around these values, residing families intend to continually confront themselves, in a sincere and authentic style of sharing.


Survey on the OFS Active Presence in the World

OFS National Fraternity of Mexico



1. Description of the project

This Project consists of visiting the Tarahumara Colony at the foot of the Mount Bola three times a year: at Christmas, taking food for the kids and their mothers, toys, piñatas and candies; on Children’s Day, taking again food and candies; and at the beginning of the school year to provide some school supplies. Other times eggs are sent to this colony to contribute to the breakfast offered by them to the school kids.

Survey on the OFS Active Presence in the World

OFS National Fraternity of Mexico



1. Description of the Project


The goal of this project is to organize free cinema sessions projecting movies with moral values, about the lives of saints, blesseds, or heroic acts. The sessions run every other week, on Sundays, at 4:00 p.m. in the Crypt Chapel of the Saint Lawrence Sanctuary, in order to introduce a style of cinema that leads to reflection and is different from the commercial one.

OFS Active presence in the World Survey

OFS National Fraternity of Mexico



1. Project’s description

Every week three OFS Fraternities take God’s Word to those who do not have an opportunity to go to a Parish Church or temple since they are in prison.

2. Background History

In 2002, Mrs. Maria Auxilio Hernández, along with a team of OFS brothers, started off this project of taking God’s Word to the prisoners of the Centers for Social Rehabilitation (CERESO) every week.  OFM friars also accompany them whenever there are professions and other special occasions or events. This project still continues taking place, so that several local Fraternities take upon themselves the responsibility of visiting a CERESO and the prison Topo Chico, where they established a Formation Team.