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2014 CIOFS Programme for On-going Formation

Theme III : Saint Louis and Marriage[1]

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GOD, France and Marguerite” (Motto engraved on Saint Louis’ wedding ring).

If sometimes I spend a lot of money, I would better like to do this with alms for the love of God than for frivolity or fashionable items” (Saint Louis to his wife Marguerite).


2104 CIOFS Ongoing Formation Program

Theme II: St. Louis and His Public Commitment as a Christian[1]

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 “How great was his justice! One could touch it with one’s finger. He would sit almost continuously on the floor or on a rug to listen to judicial matters, especially those that had to do with the poor or orphans. He would make sure they had justice.” (Pope Boniface VIII)

2014 CIOFS Ongoing Formation Program

Theme I: Saint Louis and Spiritual life[1]


“Turn your life Godwards”

“Dear son, my very first teaching is to love God with all your heart and all your strength for without that no-one is worth anything.” (From a spiritual testament to his son by St. Louis)

“Men are strange; they make a crime out of my assiduity in prayer but would say nothing if I spent hours playing cards or dice, tracking wild beasts or hunting birds.” (Attributed to St Louis by Joinville)