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The National Fraternity of Canada has celebrated its National Elective Chapter on May 26th in Chateauguay, next to Montreal. The new national minister is Debbie Tessier, and Marion Clorey has been elected as international councillor.

A reguest has arrived to the OFS:

Support the Holy Land and the Christian population living in the Holy Places! Make a contribution to help conserve the Holy Places and support Christians in the Middle East and the Holy Land.

OFS Active Presence in the World Survey

OFS National Fraternity of SPAIN



1.       Project Description

The Association The Road to Emmaus is a path open for the poor and marginalized in general. The main objective of the Association is to ensure the integral formation of persons who are accepted as residents.
Here are the specific objectives:
-    Moral and spiritual formation
-    Socio-professional and cultural formation
-    Vocational training
-    Job placement
The vision of this association is to become: "A caring atmosphere of understanding and love," "a place of residence." It is promoted this way: “At last, a way to encounter Christ and our brothers”.


Dear brothers and sisters,

I inform you with great joy and emotions that our General Vice-minister, Doug Clorey, has been elected for President of Franciscans International.

Encarnacion del Pozo
General Minister

OFS National Fraternity of New Zealand

Assistance to Monte Cecilia Housing Trust


1. Project Description

Monte Cecilia provides a housing residential program for homeless families which includes services such as: Adult Education classes, budgeting, playgroup for children, household management. It also provides advocacy support and housing advice to the community. The OFS fraternity assists this program’s families with financial help and regular donations of food.

The 1st European Congress of the Secular Franciscan Order and Franciscan Youth (OFS-YouFra) will be held from July 9th to 15th, 2012, in Lisieux, France. Although YouFra has the experience of 5 European YouFra Congresses (the last one held in Lithuania in 2009), this is the first time that brothers and sisters from both OFS and YouFra national fraternities from all over Europe will meet together.