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Circ. n. 13/14-20
Prot. n. 2851/14-20

Rome, March 20, 2016
Palm Sunday of the Lord’s passion


Christ is risen, indeed!

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

May the good Lord give you his peace!

I send my most fraternal greetings to all of you, with one of the most ancient greetings of the Christians: Let us rejoice, because Christ is risen! The merciful Heavenly Father did not allow death to overcome life. The first Christians in the 1st century have already user the greeting: Christ is risen, and answered, he is risen, indeed! This is the centre of our faith, what the ancient Christians knew that has to be confessed repeatedly and shared with everyone. How beautiful it is to have this greeting as a daily bread! Light cannot be hidden, joy has to be shared!

We encourage OFS Fraternities with Youfra to organize a family gathering on or around the 28th April, when we celebrate the memorial of “Blessed Luchesio and Buonadonna", and we hope that you can share a day full of joy, of hope, of fraternal life together with your families;

and then share with us your experiences of this meeting, through news, photographs, etc.


Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis
Consilium Internationale





“The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world.”

In this issue we continue reflecting on Part 1, Chapter 1, of the conclusions from the Synod of the Family, October 2015. We encourage you to read the document which can be found at :

During the Synod the many challenges that the family and the human person face today were reflected on in many different contexts, (refer to Articles 5 - 10)

On February 5, 2016, an earthquake of magnitude 6,4 hit the Taiwan Southern area. Its epicenter has been localized south-east of the town of Tainan, a town with two millions of inhabitants.

Theresa Chuang Peng Piao Ping that many of you know since she was a capitular member at last General Chapter and to whom we wrote to give her our support and prayer so answered to Tibor, our Minister General:

A double two-day workshop on the Role of Major Superiors and Spiritual Assistants of the Secular Franciscan Order was held in the Gauteng and Kwazulu – Natal regions of South Africa from Second to 10th of February 2016. The purpose of double was to facilitate the participation of most, if not all Major superiors of the First Order and TOR and of the Spiritual Assistants of all levels. The workshop was animated by Br. Francis Bongajum Dor OFMCap, General Spiritual Assistant; and Jenny Harrington OFS, Presidency Councilor.

The OFS national fraternity of Zambia has a new Council.

This was elected on January 29th at the national elective chapter held at the Franciscan Centre in Ndola. The chapter was presided over by Jenny Harrington OFS – South Africa, Presidency Councilor and delegate of Minister General Tibor Kauser (extreme left in picture). She was assisted by Br. Francis Bongajum Dor OFMCap, (Second from L. to R.); General Spiritual Assistant. Present at the important event was also Br. Thomas Zulu OFMCap, Custos of the Capuchin Friars in Zambia (5th standing from L. to R.) .

Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis
Silvia Diana OFS
Translation: Mary Stronach OFS



Introduction of work on the final report of the Synod of Bishops to Holy Father Francis


We, Secular Franciscans and the youth of YouFra, are going to begin a journey together today… we will share our thoughts on the final report to Holy Father Francis of the Synod of Bishops, held on October 24, 2015 at the XIV ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Its topic is: “The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world.” Our goal is to get to know and deepen our knowledge of this document that is a gift for the whole Church.